Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Warm Muggy Commute (PM ride included)

It was a very warm and humid ride into the train station this morning. I met Mike at the Park and Ride in Severna Park and we rode together to BWI. It is always nice to have company any time you ride the bike. What is it they say about misery?

The afternoon ride home was nice until the very end. Mike and I met at the BWI rail station for the commute home. As we were just starting out we got passed by a guy in an Army cycling jersey. That didn't sit well with Mike, so we decided not only to catch up to the guy, but we afforded him the privilege of pulling us for a couple miles into the wind. After that, he held onto our wheels for a while and then broke off. We would like to think that he just couldn't hang with Mike and I.

The rest of the ride seemed very spirited. I think Mike may have eaten his Wheaties before he left work, because he was certainly driving the pace. We took turns at the front, but my legs were definitely feeling it.

My ride took a turn for the worse just as I turned for home on Deep Creek Ave. I direct your attention to the Garmin information. Look at the speed graphic, all the way to the right, where the speed shows 29.7. I was headed down the hill and just as I got into my best aerodynamic position on the bike, I got stung by a bee. What do you do when your doing almost 30 mph on 2 very skinny tires on a less that perfectly smooth and you get stung by a bee? You do nothing, because at that speed slight movement on the bike is exaggerated. So I slowed down as quickly as I could and then smacked the bee, but not before he stuck his stinger right down to my thigh bone. Definitely a buzz kill for an otherwise good ride. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. Do you have to actively select the changes in background images and color, or is there some random thing you have that does it for you?

    Just think how much WARMER it will be for the ride home!