Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A commuting route change (Evening ride added)

This morning I made my way down to the kitchen at 4:20 to get ready to ride to work. One of the first things that I do is look at the thermometer that displays the outside temperature. I was surprised to see that it read 60 degrees. It was going to be a little nippy this morning. I got my coffee made and my lunch packed in my little bike bag and glanced at the thermometer again... 58 degrees. Better wear that extra layer.

I am glad that I did, because it was cool on the ride in. I had decided when I left the house, that I was going to ride at a leisurely pace, and concentrate on pedaling at a steady even pace. Well, that changed as I turned onto the trail from Jones Station Rd. I made the right hand turn onto the trail, and I saw the flashing tailight of another biker up ahead. Now, It is an instinctual reaction that I have when I see a rider in front of me. I always try to chase him/her down. Very much like a greyhound chases the mechanical rabbit around the track (Ok, so it's more like a St. Bernard chasing a bone... but you get the my point). So I set off to tail light. In my mind I was trying to figure out who it may be. I know Mike's bike is in the shop, and the tail light was not nearly as bright as his. I knew that if it was Dangerous Dan I would never catch him. I could see that I was closing the gap and I knew that I would catch them, so now I was trying to judge how far back I was and determine where on the trail I would over take them. I set a goal to catch them at the Ranger Station. I met that goal and caught up to him at White's Lane. It was not an SPP rider, just another commuter. I kept going at a pretty steady pace and before I knew it I was at Jumper's Hole Rd.

This winter, after I secured my bike box at BWI, I scouted a road route to get me to the airport in the event that the trail was closed. So, since I left the house early this morning (for a leisurely commute) and because I had made good time chasing down the other rider, I decided to take the road route for at least part of the way. Elvaton Rd. does not have much of a shoulder to ride on, but I only saw one car the entire time I was on it. I pretty much had that road to myself. Oakwood was a little busier, but it had a HUGE shoulder to ride in. There were piles of sand that I had to be cautious of, but other than that, it was great. I took a right at Aquahart and got back up on the trail. That little detour did not add too much distance to the trip and did not take up any more time than the trail. It was a nice change of scenary.

The nap on the train was uninterupted. I certainly hope I didn't snore, but I do not remember stopping at either of the two stops on the way in to Washington DC. I hope that means I will be well rested for the commute home.

Ride home... tired legs... tired body... glad to be home. Going to bed. Good night!


  1. Must.... (pant pant) catch.... (pant pant) red light... (pant pant).....

  2. You were there? How did you know that was what I was saying?

  3. I've sometimes taken the Elvaton to Oakwood to Aquahart route, but then turn left on Aquahart to Thelma to Old Stage Road, crossing the bridge and then follow the route you took after the bridge. Crossing Crain and Quarterfield are the only lights you have to worry about.
    Earl Janssen

  4. I have taken that route before and I would have gone that way today, but I had to drop something off along the way. The change of scenery was nice.