Saturday, May 1, 2010

Inspiration day on the bike

I set out from Severna Park Park and Ride this morning at a little after 5 a.m. to mee up with the SPP 6 a.m. pre-bagal ride. This is usually a small group and the pace varies depending on the consensus of the group. We rode through Pasadena and ended up at Java Diva's. If you don't know what Java Diva's is, Google it and check it out. It is certainly a great conversation starter.

After coffee at the Diva's, we met the bagel ride group at the Rusty Bridge and headed into Annapolis for breakfast. I am not sure of the count, but we had a good size group for the ride. We enjoyed breakfast at the Italian place at City Dock and re-mounted our bikes and headed out for a quick ride through Quiet Waters Park.

We then headed to Jonas Green Park to meet up with the Wounded Warriors Project for a ride through Annapolis. I have to say it was one of the most humbling and inspirational events I have ever been a part of. The soldiers were riding with out arms and legs and they ALL had a smile on their faces and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Some were pedaling with their arms, some were pedaling with their legs, but steering with prosthetic arms and so on. If ever I feel like I am too tired or too sore to ride, I will draw on the inspiration that I got from these young men and woman.

The warriors were well recieved as we rode through Annapolis. The Naval Academy had Midshipmen line the street to cheer the warriors as they rode through. Signs were held up thanking them for their service and their sacrifice. Next year I hope to ride with the warriors from Andrews Air Force Base to Annapolis.

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