Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It is feeling good again -PM Ride added

I have heard it over and over again, "... if you exercise you'll have more energy!" Well, one would think that the exercise would wear you out and make you more tired, but I can attest to the fact that that is not the case. These past few weeks off the bike because of rain (and other excuses) I have gotten lethargic. No energy to do much of anything, and struggled to get out of bed. After 43 miles of riding yesterday, I got all my bike clothes washed dried and folded, got the dishes done after dinner and I was not ready to drop at 9:00 pm. This morning, I was awake at 4:13, laying in bed waiting for the alarm go off at 4:15. I got out of bed, excited to jump on the bike again for the commute to work. To make a long story (blog entry) short, I am glad to be back in the routine again. And for those of you who are wondering (you know who you are).... i have NOT gained all my weight back again.

Here are the stats from this mornings ride.

This afternoon I rode home alone. I set a leisurely pace and enjoyed the scenery that I miss in the morning while it is dark. I was delayed a little bit while riding through Severna Park by a woman looking for her two boys and little girl. 2 other bikers were riding up and down the trail, the County police helicopter was circling and the park ranger was driving up the trail. BY the time I got to Jones Station Rd, I no longer heard the helicopter, so I am hopeful that the children were found unharmed.

Here are the stats for this afternoons ride


  1. Couldn't find a place to comment on your possible weight gain???? LOL.....Keep pushing and whatever you have gained (if any) you will lose like before right?
    Proud of you.....