Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday morning and evening ride

Mike and I made arrangements last night to ride to BWI together this morning. I was surprised by him wanting to ride so soon after his blistering paced ride to Deale MD on Monday. (See his blog for details).

We met at the Park and Ride at 5:15, and we rode at a comfortable recovery pace. (I didn't need the recovery.... my Monday ride was at a wimpy 13 mph pace). As we were talking he mentioned that he put his windbreaker in his bag, because the forecast called for showers this afternoon. Well, crap. I didn't even look at weather.com. Oh well, if I get wet, I get wet. At least it is warm out.

As the work day starting coming to an end, I looked at weather.com (better late than never, right?) and it showed showers forecast for 3-6 pm. Prime commuting time. I wasn't going to adjust my schedule. I would take what I got as far as weather goes on the ride home. I missed all of the rain. There had been a storm while I was on the train, and it had to have been a pretty good one, because there was a river along side the bike path that is not normally there. When I got off the train, the sun was shining, and it was HOT.

The trail and the roads were wet, and the air was thick with humidity, but at least there was no pounding rain.


  1. yep, we dodged that bullet when the storms passed through just before the commuting time.

  2. I think the idea of the "recovery ride" has merit. This really the first time I've tried it after a ride big enough to warrant "recover" and I'm glad I did. By the afternoon ride home I felt pretty good. I'll take it easy most of this week with R-6 set for Sunday. But riding today was the right call.