Saturday, June 5, 2010

GREAT Saturday ride!

I set out from home at 5:45 or so and headed out to Sandy Point. The majority of riders that make up the 6:00 a.m. Saturday ride were NOT going to be riding this morning for various reasons, so I knew that I would be riding alone for the early part of the ride. I made the loop out to Sandy Point and then through St. Margret's to the World War II Memorial then to the trail to meet up with the 7:30 group. I was a little ahead of schedule so I took a little detour down Asquithview Rd, which is a steady climb up from the Severn River. I did better this time than the last time I tried it, so I am encouraged. I expect to have a lot of climbs like that on my ride in July, but I expect that they will be quite a bit longer. Stay tuned for my reports on the ride in July.

I met up with the 7:30 group and I saw quite a few different faces. We headed to Annapolis and after turning back on the trail from Old County Rd, I notice that Mike was not with us, so I turned around and finally found him, Jim and another rider just finishing up with a flat tire repair. The group was pretty well strung out along the trail by this point, but at the head of the trail, we regrouped and headed towards Annapolis. Once at City Dock, we all seemed to have our own favorite place to get breakfast, so we made our purchases and congregated outside the Market house to enjoy our goodies and some good conversation.

At this point the group split up with some heading out to Crownsville I think and Mike, Jim and I heading back up the trail. I commented to Mike how spoiled we are to ride the trail at 5:00 a.m. when there is the occasional jogger. Today the trail was very crowded, with lots of people out enjoying the beautiful day. Mike and I turned off the trail at Jones Station Rd and he headed home to do his "Dad" and "Husband" things, and I went to the farmers market to meet Bev for Breakfast.

After the market, I was ready to head home on the bike. I noticed that only 11 more mile and I would have 50 for todays ride, so I told Bev to enjoy shopping for plants at the market, I was headed home, but was going to take the scenic route to try and get 50 miles in today. I was able to do that, and right after I got home, Bev pulled in as well. We couldn't have timed it better.

It was warm and humid, but an awesome day for a bicycle ride. I am looking forward to a nice long ride tomorrow morning as well. Good luck to Mike, Janet, Gardner, Theresa and Jim on their 200k tomorrow. Stay cool, Drink early and often!!!!

Ride stats for the day...

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