Monday, June 14, 2010

Delayed Post

It was a quick moving weekend and I am just now getting a chance to put up ride information from Saturday. I apologize for the delay.

I set out Saturday morning for an easy recovery ride to get the blood flowing in my leg muscles again after the 200k on Thursday. I was hoping that the 6:00 a.m. ride would be leisurely paced, and I would hang onto back of the pack. Well, when Clint and Dangerous Dab arrived on the tandem, I knew it was going to be a spirited ride.

I would love to post the Garmin details for that ride, but I had arrived at the Ranger Station a few minutes earlier than the other and "paused" my Garmin. You know the rest of the story, I did not realize that it was off until I was about half way through the 6:00 a.m. ride. I turned it on for a second and then decided to turn it off and get the mileage from either Clif or Clint after the ride. The ride culminated at Java Diva's, which is usually the case. We chatted there for a little while and then headed over to the Rusty Bridge for the 7:30 ride to Annapolis. Here is the Garmin info for the ride from home to the Ranger Station.

The group heading into Annapolis was fairly large and also feeling a little frisky. The group stayed together for the most part until we hit the hill in Round Bay. I was going pass on the hill and go straight, but I was close to the front of the pack, and everyone else turned right to do the hill. I didn't want to be the ONLY one to NOT do the hill, so I did the hill. I am not sure what the percent of grade is on that hill, or how long the hill is, but I do not like that hill. I am guessing that at some point in July, I will be wishing that I was back on that hill.

The hill served to spread the group out. I had caught my breath and my legs and managed to make my way close to the front again, and we all re-grouped at the head of the trail at Boulter's Way. Chip, Benny and another rider were the last to come up the trail, and it was mentioned that we need to remember the no drop policy.

For breakfast we all went to the Italian place, where we shared good coffee and conversation. I left early to ride to Applebee's for a fund-raising breakfast there. Freind's of ours have a daughter and son that play Lacrosse, and their league was putting on an All you can Eat pancake breakfast. I was not interested in the All you can Eat part (although in the past, my goal would have been to eat all I could.) I just wanted to contribute. I was served a plate with a couple of pancakes, a couple sausage links and a cup of OJ. I took it outside (because it was WAY too hot inside) sat on the bench and enjoyed my breakfast and the beautiful breeze.

From Applebees I rode to meet Bev at the Farmer's Market. We were there a little later, so the selection of scones was very limited. I ended up getting a muffin to bring home for Emily (who, in typical teenage fashion, was still at home sleeping). Bev continued to shop for flowers and plants at the market while I rode home.

Although the rides were not what I would consider "recovery" rides, it was nice to be out on the bike and riding.

Here are the Garmin stats for the 7:30 ride.

*****Mileage calculation is as follows. I rode 8.48 from home to the Ranger Station, and 32.32 on the 7:30 ride. At Java Diva's I asked Clif what he had for mileage from the Ranger Station, he had "...between 21 and 22 miles". After the ride I email Clint and he had "27 miles" Using Bike Route Toaster web site I calculated the distance from Clint's house to the Ranger Station to be 3.3 miles and the distance from the Rusty Bridge back to his house as 2 miles. Making a total of 21.7, which is consistent with Clif's mileage. I rounded down to be on the conservative side and called it 21 miles, for a daily total of 61.8 miles.


  1. I like the purple lips on your helmet!!

  2. Yes, Java Diva has changed the color of their lips!!!

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