Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Update and EARLY Weigh in results

      It was a GREAT weekend for riding. On Saturday I rode with Severna Park Peloton to the Hard Bean for coffee. I could not partake in the caffeinated beverage or any of the sweet treats that they offer because I had to get my blood drawn at 10:50. So the 'fasting rules' were in effect. While they were getting their coffee, I rode from City Dock, to the Mall, the B&A trail and back to my car at the Severna Park Farmer's Market. I made it home in time to shower, change and get to my appointment with the vampire.

      Speaking of vampires, Emily, Courtney, Bev and I all went to see "New Moon" Saturday night. We got there early so that I could get an end seat and so that we were not in the first row looking up at the screen. The gates opened at 8:00 for the 8:30 show. We got our seats, our popcorn and our drinks (water for me and Bev) and settled in for the movie. We had just watched Twilight an hour before arriving at the theater so the story was fresh in our heads.

      The movie was good. I am not a Twi-hard so, for me, it was not the be all end all movie that it is for some people. It was mildly entertaining, the story line was easy enough to follow (probably because we just had the Twilight refresher course an hour earlier) and the actors are very good. I could have done without the 14 year old girls (not Emily, but the gaggle of them that were sitting in the back of the theater) oohing and ahhing when Jacob is on the screen with no shirt on. Show some restraint, would ya? Over all I would give the movie a thumbs up, but wait until it comes out on DVD before seeing it. (...and if you want to know EXACTLY when it comes out on DVD, ask ANY 14 year old girl that you know.)

       Sunday was a nice bike ride by myself. I have been told that I have anti-social tendencies (but that was by my ex-wife... and what does she know, right?). I enjoy very much riding in a group and chatting with the other riders etc, but sometimes it is nice to just get out on the bike and get lost in your mind, with out having to hold a conversation with someone, worry about where they are going to ride, watch the wheel of the guy in front of you and so on. That is what I did on Sunday. I took my normal route to The Bean, Coast Guard Station, the Mall and home. I got to see a beautiful buck on the way back from the Coast Guard station. As a matter of fact, if my arm had been 3 feet longer I could have smacked the deer in the head. As I was coming around a bend in the road, just past a group of trees, he was standing right there. He ran about 10 - 15 yards into the clearing and then turned back towards the road. Apparently, what he wanted was on the other side of the street.

       This morning I rose early and joined the 5:45 a.m. bike ride group. It was 5 guys and myself and the pace was a little more intense than the ride on Friday. We rode for an hour and the guys showed me some hills in the Round Bay section of Severna Park that I never knew existed. I have to say, it is exponentially easier to go up a hill with other riders around you purely based on the fact that you don't want to be 'that guy' that struggles up the hill. Clint told me as we crested the longest steepest hill of the morning that they call that the "warm up" hill. I told him I was warmed up. It was a beautiful morning for a ride and it was a nice group to ride with. Thanks SPP.

         For those of you who read this blog, you know that I do my weigh ins every other Tuesday morning. However, I am taking tomorrow off to hang out with Emily so I will not be at my scale at work to do my weigh in. Consequently, I did my weigh in today. I lost 4 pounds over the past 2 weeks, which brings my total to 102 pounds lost. I have broken the 100 pound barrier and although I have much more to go, I am planning on celebrating. Tomorrow night I am going to provide Bev's Mom with a pound of crab meat and hopefully she will make us up some GOOD Maryland crab cakes. I am not real big on crab cakes, but the ones she made a couple months ago were the best I have ever had. So I am looking forward to enjoying them. Now, I know that when you reach a weight loss milestone, food is not the best way to reward yourself, so my other form of celebrating is to ride a metric century (100 kilometers or 62 miles) on Friday morning.

         On Friday morning (black Friday)  the Peleton is planning a ride into Baltimore to have coffee. I asked Clint today how far it was and he said it was 19 miles each way. So that is a good 38 miles of it and if I head into Annapolis after those 38 miles, I should cover the additional 24 miles on my normal route out to the Coast Guard Station. I am looking forward to that ride.

          I did not write down the stats for all my rides since Friday, but I did over 100 miles on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and this morning. Because of the holiday and time taken off with Emily I will be able to ride (weather permitting) everyday next week including next Monday.

        Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you will come back and check it out again soon.


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