Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pedalling to nowhere...

      The conditions were NOT optimal this morning for a bike ride. This was very disappointing, because I was really looking forward to getting in an extra ride this week.

      PLAN B - A couple weeks ago I purchased a CycleOps Wind trainer to help me continue riding and losing weight when the weather was not cooperative. That is what I used for my ride this morning.

      Although the trainer is no where near as much fun as riding the bike on the road, it does provide a good work out, in the dry confines of the garage. The huge down side to riding the trainer is that no matter how fast or how hard I pedal, I never move an inch. Consequently, the scenery never changes. This can make the time go by VERY slowly.

      The first time I used the trainer I set up a laptop directly in front of the bike and watched "The Bourne Ultimatum" while I rode. This was a great way to pass the time, but setting up and taking down a place to set the laptop each time is a pain in the butt. I am working on a more portable solution. So, without a movie to watch, I rode with my iPod in my ears and thoughts in my head.

       The music was by "The Rovers" and the thoughts in my head were of potential topics for this blog. My goal is to write about things that are relevant in my life, and at the same time entertaining for YOU to read. I came up with a few topics that I think will meet those two requirements, so stay tuned.

       For those of you wondering who The Rovers are, they are a local Celtic rock band that are a little like U2... only better. I have placed a link to their website on this blog. Check them out.

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