Monday, December 7, 2009

Midnight Madness...

        Midnight Madness is a shopping event in Downtown Annapolis where the stores along Main Street (City Dock area) stay open later, have musicians playing outside and some of them have wine and cheese and snacks in the stores. This is all in an attempt to get as many people out shopping as possible. The theory is, that there is a better chance that people will buy things if they are actually in your store. Sound logical.

       So for Midnight Madness Bev and I got in touch with our inner leprechauns and went to fado', an Irish Pub in Annapolis,  for an open air dinner and entertainment from our favorite local band "The Rovers".  If you have looked at my training log recently, you may have noticed in the "Notes" section that I have struggled with the hills this past Monday and Wednesday. These are hills that are formidable, but I have ridden up them before. Last week I struggled to get up them and when I did finally pull myself up the hills I was not able to keep up with the group. All this riding was suppose to be making me better, not worse. So, I did what I usually do when I am faced with a problem that I can't wrap my head around... I search the internet. I found that word for what happened to me is called "bonking". My body did not have enough fuel to power my legs to get me over the hills. So, what they were telling me was, I needed more calories for my body to use on the hills. This was some REALLY good information to have prior to dinner at fado'.

     The first thing that we ordered was hot coffee. Now, typically Bev and I do not drink hot coffee with our meals, but we were eating dinner outside and the temp. was around the mid 40's. There were table warmers (propane heaters that are about 6 feet tall that are placed strategically among the tables) but there was also a breeze that was making it a bit nippy. For an appetizer we ordered Chicken Boxty Quesadillas. Typically, quesadillas are made with flour tortillas but at fado', because it is an irish pub, they are made with boxty, which are thin, grilled potato pancakes. Bev and I both agreed that they were the best quesadillas we had ever had. For an main course I had a flat iron steak and chips (steak fries) and for dessert Bev and I split an Apple tart with brown bread ice cream on it. It was all SO good. I was caloricly loaded for the hills on Friday.

     We warmed up during dinner when The Rovers started playing. I can't say enough about how much we enjoy their shows. They are thoroughly entertaining. The band interacts with the crowd and encourages crowd to participate to the point of occasionally putting people on the spot. I would challenge anyone to go to one of their shows and try to stand still. If you can do that, have someone check your pulse and make sure that you are alive. Check out their website and see them when you can, if you can.

     Because of the impending rain and snow, Friday morning's 5:45 ride was more heavily attended than usual (or maybe it was because we were planning a trip into Annapolis for breakfast at Jack and Irene's). Because of this, the group did not take the right hand turn in Round Bay that brings us to the aforementioned hills. However, going into Annapolis, we would have to go over the Naval Academy bridge twice and "oh shit hill" once. I have to say that I felt very comfortable going over those hills, so I think the more calorie theory is proven to be true. With more calories, I am less likely to bonk on the hills. I will have to get the recipe for those quesadillas!!!

     Emily was here this weekend again, so most of the rest of my weekend was spent with her. On Saturday

night Myself, Bev, Emily, Tiffany and her boyfriend Josh went over to Bev's Mom and Dad's for another Thanksgiving. (You can NEVER have too many Thanksgivings). Bev and I had originally planned this because Emily was not going to be with us on Thanksgiving (she changed that, which was fine) and we knew that Tiffany would be with her Dad and Josh's family. So this was our time to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving with them. We changed the menu a bit and had Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Butternut squash, Cream Style corn, Baked Beans and cornbread muffins. No cheesecake for dessert, but Mom mom made a butter cake with chocolate frosting...and like I have said before...NO ONE makes a cake like Mom mom. It was ALL very good. It was nice to spend time together and enjoy some good food.

     Sunday morning I got up the courage to ride to The Hard Bean in Annapolis despite the cold temperatures and the 1/2 inch of snow and ice on the ground. The roads were OK when I left the house. They had some patches of ice and snow on them here and there, but for the most part they were clear. The trail however, does not get plowed or salted, so the areas that were not sheltered by the trees still had a coating of crunchy snow, and in some spots a thin layer of ice below the snow. A few spots had bamboo that hung across the trail under the weight of the snow and ice. Typically when I ride I have a focus in mind, either to work on my leg speed or my leg strength. Sunday I mostly worked on my balance. I was glad to make it on the trail without having the bike slip out from under me. Although it was absolutely beautiful to ride on the trail surrounded by snow, I decided that on Monday morning I would ride on the trainer in the garage. Much safer in there.

     Thanks for reading... check back soon!


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